Asian Economic Journal

The EAEA publishes the Asian Economic Journal quarterly. The journal provides detailed coverage of a wide range of topics in economics relating to East Asia, including investigation of current research, international comparisons, and country studies. It is a forum for debate amongst theorists, practitioners, and researchers, and publishes high quality theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented contributions.

The journal strives to facilitate the exchange of information among researchers on a worldwide basis and offers a unique opportunity for economists to keep abreast of research on the most salient economic issues pertaining to East Asia. For those with an interest in Asia, this kind of vital information makes the Asian Economic Journal an essential resource.

Editorial Office contact information:

Shandre Thangavelu

Managing Editors:

Keiko Ito

Craig R. Parsons

Chih-Hai Yang

Secretary General:
Fumiharu Mieno
Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Aya Yamamoto